We propose PERSONAS, a system-level framework that leverages virtualization for offering additional security to the end-user. PERSONAS provide a device independent, user-centric and self-adaptive security system, able to cope with the concept of seamless working experience on different devices, in which a user may start a session on a device and location and follow up the process on different devices and locations, without corporate or personal digital asset loss.

Main features include:

1) Enable automation of software virtualization for protecting different types of corporate and personal data based on an active context

2) Assist individual users and organizations manage data security processes and related policies more effectively while maintaining a sufficient level of user awareness and control of any automated decisions made by computing devices.


Project objectives


Work packages

In order to achieve the objectives, the Personas project work plan is divided into 8 work packages (WPs), each targeting different objectives, tasks and expected results.

WP1: Project Management

WP2: Dissemination Activities and Commercialisation Plan

WP3: Security Requirements and Analysis

WP4: PERSONAS Framework Implementation

WP5: Demonstrators Implementation and Operation